Saturday, April 22, 2006

Scriptlandia Project Home Page

Welcome to the Scriptlandia World!

I started this project two years ago (Antlets). The idea was to simplify running various scripts written in scripting languages (Beanshell, Groovy, Jelly etc.) for JVM under Windows and Unix environment.

We have a plenty of scripting engines, each has the launcher/starter program. In order to run the script, you have to remember the name of the launcher program. In case if you need to add new libraries to your script, it's not so easy. If you want to have scripts in different languages to be aware of each other, it's even more difficult.

Scriptlandia is built in top of ClassWorlds framework, a convenient way of solving classloader problems in one unified way. Your batch/shell scripts will become as simple as possible and addition of new libraries will happen outside of them.

By the size this project is very small (~70K). It uses Maven2 as the delivery mechanizm to download all required parts. It has to deliver libraries for running Beanshell, Groovy etc. from Maven2 repositories.

After installing the Scriptlandia you will be able to launch beanshell, groovy, jelly, velocity scripts in one click. You can do the same for jar files. If jar file is written for Java Micro Edition, the system will recognize it and the file will be started in mobile phone emulator. See examples archive for more details. This file: README.txt contains complete description of the project.