Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How to pre-compile JSP pages for Tomcat with Ant

JSP pre-compilation is very important part of the build process. Even if you don't want to use pre-compiled pages in your production environment (it's for specific application server (AS) only), it can guarantee the integrity of your source.

With regular approach you make changes to JSP pages, then copy/deploy them to AS and only at this time possible error will be discovered. In contrast, JSP pre-compilation will give you this knowledge at compile time.

How to do the pre-compilation? I will explain it with the help of Ant build tool.

1. Specify "project.classpath" for your project. It will include all jars required to compile or run your project:

<path id="project.classpath">

2. Specify "tomcat.jsp.classpath". You need to have Tomcat Web Server installed somewhere. For this example I use tomcat, embedded into JBoss Application Server ("${jboss.home}").

You also need to specify where you have your implementation of logging system

<path id="tomcat.jsp.classpath">

<!-- 1. You have to include jars from your project. -->

<path refid="project.classpath"/>

<!-- 2. Tomcat jsp compiler (jasper) by itself. -->

<fileset dir="${jboss.home}/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar">
<include name ="jasper-compiler.jar"/>
<include name ="jasper-compiler-jdt.jar"/>
<include name ="jasper-runtime.jar"/>
<include name ="commons-logging.jar"/>
<include name ="commons-el.jar"/>
<include name ="jsp-api.jar"/>

<!-- 3. This library is required by jasper. -->

<fileset dir="${ant.home}/lib">
<include name ="ant.jar"/>

<!-- 4. JavaEE/Servlet/JSP interface classes. -->

<fileset dir="${jboss.home}/server/default/lib">
<include name ="jboss-j2ee.jar"/>
<include name ="javax.servlet.jar"/>
<include name ="javax.servlet.jsp.jar"/>

<!-- 5. Implementation of logging system (if it is not in "project.classpath" yet). -->

<fileset dir="${repository.home}/log4j">
<include name ="log4j-1.2.8.jar"/>


3. Now we can generate Java sources for JSP files:

<property name="jsp.src.dir" value="<the root for your JSP files>"/>
<property name="jsp.package.name" value="<the package name for your JSPs, like com.mycompany.jsp>"/>

<property name="build.dir" value="target/build"/>
<property name="jsp.generated.src.dir" value="${build.dir}/jsp_sources"/>
<property name="jsp.classes.dir" value="${build.dir}/jsp_classes"/>

<target name="tomcat.jsp.generate">
<mkdir dir="${jsp.generated.src.dir}"/>
<mkdir dir="${jsp.classes.dir}"/>

<java classname="org.apache.jasper.JspC" fork="yes">
<classpath refid="tomcat.jsp.classpath" />

<arg line="-uriroot ${jsp.src.dir} -d ${jsp.generated.src.dir} -p ${jsp.package.name} -webapp ${jsp.src.dir}" />

4. After the generation of Java classes from JSPs, we need to compile them. The "depend" task is responsible for "smart" recompilation of JSP-Java files.

<target name="tomcat.jsp.compile" depends="tomcat.jsp.generate"
description="Generates java classes from jsp files, then compiles them">
<depend srcdir="${jsp.src.dir}"
<classpath refid="tomcat.jsp.classpath"/>

<javac destdir="${jsp.classes.dir}" debug="off" optimize="false">
<classpath refid="tomcat.jsp.classpath"/>

<src path="${jsp.generated.src.dir}"/>
<include name ="com/**/*.java"/>

If on this step you don't have compiler errors, your source code (JSP part) is not broken.


Ankush Jain said...

Great article !!.
Very helpful for me... :)

Anonymous said...


Excellent article, this has saved me a lot of time, so thanks.

One thing I noticed, in the depend tag, shouldn't srcdir be jsp.generated.src.dir (where the generated java source is) instead of jsp.src.dir (where the JSP files are)?

From my understanding of the depend tag, that's the folder the depend task will need to scan to find dependencies.

Neale Rudd

Anonymous said...

We are going to create a pre-compile target for our web application, as part of our ANT build procedures. We are using Jboss4.0.5 ( Tomcat 5.5 bundled ) and Ant 1.6.

The directory tree of the application is as follows:
|--- > /war/pages/jsp ( it contains all the jsp files )
|----> /war/WEB-INF ( it contains the web.xml file.)
|----> /war/WEB-INF/tld ( it contains the tld files)
|----> /war/WEB-INF/src ( it would coutain the generated src file from jsp )
|---->/war/WEB-INF/classes ( it contains the classes from src. )
|----> build.xml ( the ant script )

But it does not work. There are two issues:
1. "file /WEB-INF/web.xml not found."
That was the first message I received when the ant script is executed. Although it is a just a warning, it would affect lots of jsp files. That is because I have such clauses in this web.xml:
if the web.xml was not found, this jsp files would not be generated.
Any idea what I did wrong ?

2.Some java files did generated, but with a weird "005f", such as "inc_005fcommons_005fjsp.java".
Where does this 005f coming from, how can I excluded it from the generated files ?

Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Even I am getting the same error
WEB-INF/web.xml not found and it is unable to file the tag library directory though it exists in the WEB-INF/classes/TagLib Name .

Did you find a solution for this.
If so Please post the same here

Vlad said...

There is a mistake at this line:

<arg line="-uriroot ${jsp.src.dir} -d ${jsp.generated.src.dir} -p ${jsp.package.name} -webapp ${jsp.src.dir}" />

After -webapp, you have to specify the root of your web application

tt said...

That only works for tomcat 1.4.
Is there anyway to make it work under tomcat 6.0?

Anonymous said...

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heilkräuter said...

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