Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New JiniExamples (2.1.001) Project

This new project is dedicated to Jini Technology. It is reincarnation of my very old project for Jini ver. 1.0. Now it's adapted to Jini ver. 2.1.

The project includes 22 examples, starting from simplest toward more practical examples. The advantages of this project over another similar projects are:
- up to date examples;
- ready to use Ant scripts (zero configuration);
- Maven 2 project file for automatic downloads of required dependent files.

As the result, even beginner could start examples before looking at actual sources for examples. And they are as simple as possible - I try to focus on one aspect only at the same time.

Hope it accelerates development speed as well as attracts more interest to this underestimated technology.

Structurally, all examples are divided into 3 groups:

Simple Tests

# Common tests
# Developing simple service
# Simple Remote Service over JERI
# Simple Remote Service over JERI started from configuration file
# Client as servlet/JSP
# Simple service as service UI

Advanced Tests

# Client listening for events
# Building event generator
# Administrable service
# Activatable Jeri service
# Administrable and Activatable service
# EventMailbox (mercury) example
# Norm example
# Fiddler example
# JavaSpace example
# JavaSpace (Blitz) examples
# Federate example
# Failover example

Practical Examples

# Jini and NetLib library
# Jini and Database
# Speaker service (Speech API)
# Jini Services for home (music, speech, time)