Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tips for Intellij IDEA plugins developers (my bloody experience)

1. How to get project with new API

Old fashion:

Project project = (Project)dataContext.getData(DataConstants.PROJECT);

New fashion:

Project project = DataKeys.PROJECT.getData(dataContext);

2. How to register tool window with new API

// Get toolwindow manager
ToolWindowManager toolWindowManager = ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project);

// Register your tool window at desired location
ToolWindow toolWindow =
        toolWindowManager.registerToolWindow("your_toolwindow_id", true, ToolWindowAnchor.RIGHT);

// Prepare content panel of your tool window (all your controls)
JPanel yourContentPanel = ...

// Get peer factory
PeerFactory peerFactory = PeerFactory.getInstance();

// Create content
Content content = peerFactory.getContentFactory().createContent(yourContentPanel, "", false);

// Add created content

3. How to persist plugin properties with new API

If you did it for previous versions of IDEA, you probably have the following code:

public class YourPluginConfiguration
       implements ProjectComponent, Configurable, JDOMExternalizable {
  private final String COMPONENT_NAME = ...;
  publuc String yourProperty; // property to be persisted

  public String getComponentName() {
    return COMPONENT_NAME;

  public void readExternal(Element element) throws InvalidDataException {
    DefaultJDOMExternalizer.readExternal(this, element); // load

  public void writeExternal(Element element) throws WriteExternalException {
    DefaultJDOMExternalizer.writeExternal(this, element); // save


With new API you have to do something like this:

    name = YourPluginConfiguration.COMPONENT_NAME,
    storages = {@Storage(id = "your_id", file = "$PROJECT_FILE$")}
public final class YourPluginConfiguration
          implements ProjectComponent, Configurable, PersistentStateComponent<YourPluginConfiguration> {
  public static final String COMPONENT_NAME = ...;

  publuc String yourProperty; // property to be persisted

  public String getComponentName() {
    return COMPONENT_NAME;

  public YourPluginConfiguration getState() {
    return this; // load

  public void loadState(YourPluginConfigurationstate) {
    XmlSerializerUtil.copyBean(state, this); // save


In this example we use $PROJECT_FILE$ macro. You have to use appropriates macros according to component level.

There are 3 types of component level. Each of them has unique, only for this level macros:

- application-level components (ApplicationComponent): $APP_CONFIG$, $OPTIONS$;
- project-level components (ProjectComponent): $PROJECT_FILE$, $WORKSPACE_FILE$, $PROJECT_CONFIG_DIR$;
- module-level components (ModuleComponent): $MODULE_FILE$

4. How to register intention action

Usually intention action should be assoсiated with some analytical tool that recognizes important situation and indicates about it the user. We also can assoсiate intention action with changes in the editor.

First, your class should implement IntentionAction. Additionally, if you want to listen to editor changes,it should extend EditorAction:

public class YourIntentionAction extends EditorAction implements IntentionAction {

  public YourIntentionAction() {
    super(new YourEditorActionHandler());

  private static class YourEditorActionHandler extends EditorActionHandler /* or EditorWriteActionHandler */ {

    // This method is executed every time you do modifications in the editor.
    // Wev are trying to look for selections
    public void execute(Editor editor, DataContext dataContext) {
      String searchText = null;

      SelectionModel selection = editor.getSelectionModel();
      if (selection.hasSelection()) {
        searchText = selection.getSelectedText();

      if (searchText != null && searchText.trim().length() > 0) {
        // Displays pop up

        Project project = DataKeys.PROJECT.getData(dataContext);

        showPopup(project, editor, searchText);

   * Returns text to be shown in the list of available actions, if this action
   * is available.
  public String getText() {
    return "The text to show in the intention popup.";

   * Returns the identifier of the family of intentions. This id is used to externalize
   * "auto-show" state of intentions. When user clicks on a lightbulb in intention list,
   * all intentions with the same family name get enabled/disabled. The identifier
   * is also used to locate the description and preview text for the intention.
  public String getFamilyName() {
    return "popup";

   * Checks whether this intention is available at a caret offset in file.
   * If this method returns true, a light bulb for this intention is shown.
  public boolean isAvailable(@NotNull Project project, Editor editor, PsiFile file) {
    return editor.getSelectionModel().hasSelection();

   * Called when user invokes intention. This method is called inside command.
   * If {@link #startInWriteAction()} returns true, this method is also called
   * inside write action.
  public void invoke(@NotNull Project project, Editor editor, PsiFile file) throws IncorrectOperationException {
    String searchText = null;

    SelectionModel selection = editor.getSelectionModel();

    if (selection.hasSelection()) {
      searchText = selection.getSelectedText();

    showPopup(project, editor, searchText);

   * Indicate whether this action should be invoked inside write action.
   * Should return false if e.g. modal dialog is shown inside the action.
   * If false is returned the action itself is responsible for starting write action
   * when needed, by calling {@link com.intellij.openapi.application.Application#runWriteAction(Runnable)}.
  public boolean startInWriteAction() {
    return false;

 private static void showPopup(Project project, Editor editor, String searchText) {
    JPanel panel = ... // Create your content here

    JBPopup jbPopup = JBPopupFactory.getInstance()
        .createComponentPopupBuilder(panel, panel)
        .setDimensionServiceKey(project, "popup", false)
        .setTitle("Your title")



You have to register your intention action. If you have project component, you can do it
in projectOpened() method:

  public void projectOpened() {
    IntentionManager.getInstance().addAction(new YourIntentionAction());

Useful links

1. Tutorial

2. Plugin Development FAQ

3. The Basics of Plugin Development for IntelliJ IDEA

4. IntelliJ IDEA 7.x Developers Documentation

5. IntelliJ Developing Custom Language Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA 5.0


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