Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New version of Scriptlandia: 2.2.0 has been released!

This release includes new features and new supported languages. The full list of
supported languages include:

- Javascript (1.6R4);
- Groovy (1.0);
- Beanshell (2.0b5);
- Jelly (1.0);
- JRuby (0.9.8);
- Jython (2.2b1);
- Pnuts (1.1);
- Jaskell (1.0);
- JScheme (7.2);
- TCL (1.4.0);
- AWK (0.14);
- f3 (?.?);
- Fortress (?.?);
- Scala (2.3.3);
- Janino (2.5.5);
- Scriptella (0.7);
- Velocity (1.4);
- Freemarker (2.3.9);
- Ant (1.7.0);
- Maven (2.0.5).

What is it: Scriptlandia? It's the effort to build environment on top of JVM. The user don't have
to worry how to install or configure libraries for different scripting languages. It will be done
automatically at installation and/or at execution time.

This project is useful for doing fast prototyping in your favorite language without spending time
on installation/configuration (aka CoC). It's also good for building simple command-line tools.

How is it different from, say scripting-for-java project?

1. It's not tied to Java 6 platform. You can use Java 5; it's possible to have this code ready for java 1.4.

2. You can specify dependencies for the language in the form of maven 2 project file. As the result, these dependencies will be downloaded automatically from the server to your local repository.

3. It's easy to build environment in which scripts are aware of each other. It can be done by adding new dependencies (not through ancient CLASSPATH approach).

4. Language gear is available through the file extension. Thanks to jdic project, corresponding
gear will be executed, based on extension.

5. Based on extension, different convenient programs-launchers can be assigned to existing extensions like jar, war etc. As an example, if jar represents micro-edition application, suitable launcher will be started. In another example we can associate jar file with ant script and extend available commands for jar file (now execute command only, see jdk documentation), but everything whatever could be expressed as ant target.

6. New extensions are introduced: .sl (scriptlandia) and .cw (classworld). They are used for starting arbitrary programs with correct dependencies specified.

7. Ant and Maven scripts are first-class citizens: you can interpret them as another scripting languages.

8. Scriptlandia is integrated with Nailgun server. It means that for simple scripts you can keep
JVM in-memory, drastically reducing start-up time for running scripts.


Anonymous said...


I'm new to Scriptlandia, but I like the idea. Support for Scriptella ETL was also a pleasant surprise for me.

Best Regards,
Fyodor Kupolov

Anonymous said...

I like the idea but it just hasn't worked for me. I ran the installer.exe (part of the installation download) and it seemed to download all dependencies fine, but has not associated the extensions. Can you help please? Or post what that might be? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ps I have tried assoc and ftype which reveal that no associations have been created. I really want to start using it though since it looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

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